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Dear Brothers,

On 14.04.2010, our beloved brother Alen Nisich from Bratstvo lodge donated an enternainment progamme to several social places for children without parents in Bulgaria. Our brother is engaged with the donated maintainance of the gardens and green spaces in the social place for children without parents in the city of Vidin.

On 4th Oct 2009 brothers from Bratstvo lodge and their friends donated toys and kitchen equipment to the kindergarden in the village of Uglen.

In Memoriam
Dear bretheren, with a great regret we would like to inform you that due to an illness our Bro. Ivan Ivanov deceased. With his good heart and brotherly love - we will always remember him and he will always be setting an example to us as human being and as a mason.

Rest in Peace Bro. Ivan.

Even though we tear appart the chain of hands, the invisible and mystic chain in our hearts reamins unbroken.

On 27th Dec 2008, brother from Bratstvo lodge, donated toys and presents to the children of the kindergarden in the village of Uglen on the ocassion of New Year.

On 22th Dec 2008, brothers from Bratstvo lodge and Perun lodge united under the motto "For a better life", donated linnen and equipment to the home for elderly people at Kniajevo districft. We would like to thank all who responded to our request and helped us with our cause.

On 16th Aug 2008, brothers from Bratstvo lodge donated slides and cradles for the joy of the children of the kindergarden at the village of Uglen. Graditutude has been expressed by the major of the village and by the principal of the kindergarden.

In June 2008 under the direction of the Bulgarian Swimming Federation in the city of Sandansky was held a championship for kids aged 9-10, called the Golden Fish. Brother from Bratstvo lodge and brothers from lodge The Seven Hills and Trimontsium donated for bicycles and other awards to be presented to the champions.

On 08th Dec 2007, brother from Bratstvo lodge, together with the brothers Dimitar U. and Emil P. from Zarya lodge donated medicines and antioxidants to the Psychological Centre for research and psychotherapy. The event was organised by Br. O. M.

Uglen villageOn 1st Dec 2007, brothers from Bratstvo lodge made a donation to the village of Uglen's municipality and the local kindergarden - a TV set, DVD player, CDs and tapes. On 8th Dec 2007 an LG computer system was donated to the Uglen's municipality.

Uglen villageOn 10th Nov 2007, brother from Bratstvo lodge donated over 6000 volumes of literature and 2 computer systems to the local library at the Uglen village, municipality of Lukovit.

On 7th December 2006 with the support of our beloved Brother O. M. (Viva Group), Sofia Municipality and brothers from Bratstvo and Zaria Lodges was held a charity evening with the slogan "For a life with dignity"... 

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